Vinny & Annette Colucci for 4 days of training on photographing birds in flight. With field and classroom instruction you will lean all the techniques that we use to capture stunning images of birds in flight as well as nesting birds. This workshop has been updated from previous events, to raise the bar in your birding photography.





The class is limited to 8 participants so that you will get plenty of one to one instruction in the field as well as classroom instruction.

We will have early entry and late afternoon admitance to the Alligator Farm where a natural rookery will give us plenty of subjects to work with. 

 NOTE: A Alligator Farm Photo Pass is required and can be purchased with a credit or debit card on our first location shoot.






                                   Cost of the event is $575.00 



Checks can be made payable to :Vinny Colucci

PO Box 303

Jamestown,NC 27282



Hotel : Sleep Inn St Augustine Florida

Call for reservations 904-825-4535  Use Photography by Vinny Colucci to get group rate of $86.95 per night. Book your room ASAP



We will meet 7 PM in the hotel Lobby Thursday May 2


Equipment:    Two Cameera bodies

Telephoto Lens:  300mm or larger.

Wide angle lens for Sunrise location shoot

Flash. with or without a Better Beamer or Magna Beam. ( Contact Vinny for information )

Tripod with a gimbal Head and/or Ball Head.

Polarizing filters

Graduated ND Filters

Cable release


Laptop and external Drive is recommended 


Bug Spray