Note:  There is a Change.  READ ON. Cost reduction from $999.00 to  $750.00.   Bill Fortney can not attend and co-instruct. As a result we are turning this workshop into a field trip. This makes this more of a tour with more exploring and less classroom time. Come join Vinny & Annette Colucci for a trip of a lifetime at a reduced cost.  All other information below is valid.

        Arches & Canyonlands National Parks Photography Fieldtrip



Come join Vinny & Annette Colucci on a photographic journey.


Arches & Canyonlands National Park are some of the photographic jewels to capture images.





                 NOTE : Bill Fortney can not attend  See price reduction  

Also Note the typo below n the flyer. The event STARTS NOV 9TH to the 13TH


                       Photo collection of some of the locations you will visit.








                                        Please join us on a trip of a lifetime.


                            Details and hotel information coming soon


   Cost: Was $999.00  NOW $750.00    Couples: $700.00 each  please email or call for

                                                 special couples code.

    Special Price is in effect


Notes on trip:

11-9     Meet in lobby at hotel:  7:00 PM please eat dinner prior attending.

We will talk about the days ahead. We will also review equipment and camera settings.

We will have classroom time Saturday night for critiques.

We will hand review the weeks schedule.

Sunday Sunrise shoot will conclude the workshop. ( Except breakfast afterwards)

Equipment:  Wide angle to short telephoto lens.( 24-70mm, and a 70 to 200mm or 80-400mm will work). We recommend a backpack as short walks to the view we are shooting will be required. We are not planning and long hikes. Cable release, Good tripod and head. We recommend a 2nd camera body (even if you have to rent one).  Plenty of Media cards. Laptop with processing software for classroom work. ( Plenty to learn in classroom even without computer). Saturday night we will be doing a critique of images. we will want 3 images from each person. At least two from the trip.


It will be cold at night and chilly in the morning. Bring coats, hat and gloves just in case. Hiking shoes or boots will be helpful.