February 2015


This month we will talk about a ballhead I have been testing from Feisol. I have been using Feisol tripods for years and wanted to try out one of their ballheads. Some of the ballheads I have been using are expensive and of really high quality, but not everyone wants to spend $400 to $500 for a ballhead.


The Feisol Head we will be talking about is the CB-50DC Carbon Fiber Ballhead. Its really not carbon fiber, but aircraft aluminum wrapped with carbon fiber to give it a cool look. The head itself is very light and strong. It weighs just 1.26lbs but can hold an amazing 41 lbs. 

The cost, $169.00. This is a value head but what about long term usage?



I have been using this ballhead for the last 6 to 7 months. I have had no problems with it. In fact, it has become my go-to travel head, along with a lightweight Feisol tripod. This combo lets me handle anything from my lightweight Fugi mirrorless system, to my pro D3S and 80-400 or 70-200 f/2.8 lenses.

It still functions as smoothly as the day I got it.




So what is the negative for this $169.00 head? The head is set up as an Arca head, but I found I did not like their Arca clamp. I use Arca type mounting plates on all my camera bodies and lens feet. I found it was difficult to mount them on the Feisol clamp. Feisol uses a locking clamp system that got in the way. If you use the Feisol plates, there's no problem. I use a lot of Kirk and Really Right Stuff, as well as Wimberley plates and L-Brackets. These were a little tough to handle. 


My solution was to change the Arca mounting clamp to a Kirk Enterprises clamp QRC-2. The cost of this clamp is $60.00 which brought my total to $229.00.  This is still a far cry from $400 to $500 price range.  







Above, you can see the Kirk clamp mounted on top photo and the bottom photo showing the Feisol clamp laying next to the ballhead system.


All in all, when it was completed I had a ballhead that worked perfect for me. I will be offering this combination soon in our store as a custom special discount item. Look for it within the next month or so.






New Workshops:  We have added a new workshop and two seminars that are coming up. Please take a look.


Birding and Rookery Photography Workshop, St Agustine, Fl


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Nikon Creative Lighting Seminar


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