This month has gone by quickly. Annette and I moved into a new house in May and we are still unpacking. We got slammed with private workshops and one on ones, which we feel thankful for. The last big presentation at Grandfather Montain went very well, and we got to help a lot of people.



                                          The above image was taken with Nikon 80-400 AF-S VR hand held

                                                                     Grandfather Mountain, July 2015  



I love photographing in the habitat area on Grandfather Mountain. I was testing my new Nikon 80-400 AF-S VR lens. This is a hefty lens but easy to handle. Tac sharp images were taken all weekend long. I had reviewed the pre-production model of this lens a few years back. This production model that I bought worked even better. I normally would shoot this type image on a tripod, but wanted to see how well the VR worked. It worked quite well. In fact, the best VR lens I have shot to date.




I use Feisol Tripods almost exclusively. I love these tripods.  Gary from Hunts Photo sent me an Induro Tripod to test. I never turn down playing with new equipment. This is one well made tripod and looks like a real winner.




My main tripod has been the Feisol  CT- 3472, The Induro I am testing  is the  CT304. We will look at both of these side by side. Each has very good points, and in the end I'll let you know which was my favorite and why. In all fairness I haven't tested the Induro very long, about 3 months. I have to say this, both are excellent tripods and it becomes the style of how I use them that determined which I personally like better.

Some quick specifications: The Feisol weighs 3.92 LB, with a collapsed height of 20.50 inches. Its opened max height is 58.3 inches. The Induro weighs 4.61 LB with a collapsed height of 20.8inches. Its max height, extended, is 52.96.

Here is somthing that can be important: The Feisol CT-3472 has a max load of 27 LB where the Induro can hold 55 LB.

I have had big glass on both and they both seem very stable. The Feisol has held a Nikon 400 f/2.8 as well as a 600 f/4

I have only put the 400 f/2.8 on the Induro.  Below shows the height difference side by side.










Looking at the above photo we see the real difference in the collapsed leg length is the movable feet. In this case the Feisol fits into my carryon much better than the Induro. The swivel feet, however, work very well in finding their own position on uneven ground.



Also, the Induro has a bubble level on the top side which aids in leveling the tripod. I rely on the level on my ball head so this feature is not a biggy for me. For some this may be important.





Both tripods use a slightly different approach to release the leg position. They both work well, however, I like the Feisol better. You can release the Feisol by pressing the release, whereas, with the Induro you have to pull out to release the leg position.




The mechanisms are different, so you need to determine which works best for you. The photo to the left, which is the Induro, shows a hook so you can add weight to the tripod on windy days. The Feisol comes with a similiar hook, but it isn't shown in this photo.



Both tripods can be purchased from Hunts Photo and Camera. Click the link below. Ask for Alan as he handles my workshop folks. He is great, and can offer any special pricing for Photography by Vinny Colucci and Escape to Nature Photography Workshops participants.








In the end my personal choice is the Feisol. I like the way it handles as well as how compact it is for packing into my carry on. I also like the lighter weight. Both tripods are excellent quality. You won't be sorry with either choice.



We will be releasing our 2016 and some of 2017 schedule next month. We will be back at the St. Augustine Photo & Birding Fest in April, 2016. We will also be at the Space Coast Photo and Birding Fest in January 2016. In 2017 we are planning a Galapagos trip, watch for those details soon.



    Thank you to all of our sponsors for helping make our workshop programs what they are.             










                                            Until next month, Keep-em shooting