Hi from Vinny & Annette. Hope you all are having a great month.

Last month I talked a little on my Nikon D5. Since then I have added a Nikon D500. This is a great camera, especially for $1999. It is a DX camera and has a 1.5X crop factor. This camera is perfect for telephoto work, as my 600mm F/4 becomes a 900mm f/4 with no teleconverter. 





The ISO does not go as high as the D5 but it is higher than anything I ever shot prior my D5. The autofocus system is light years ahead of anything I have had with the exception of the D5. This is a real winner. I need to get more time on this camera and will keep you posted through my new blog. Please consider signing up for my blog as I am going to start using this occasionally to share where I am and what I am shooting. I will also answer questions on my blog. So if you send me an email with tech questions Ill post the response to the blog.   http://www.vinnycolucci.com/blog 


Here are some D500 photos.  You can see some of my results with the camera.




This was shot handheld with a Nikon 70-200 f/2.8. Look how well the D500 handles the light.  ISO 1600 at f/2.8. We were on top of the St Augustine Lighthouse for sunrise.


        A fun image while the group was being videoed with a drone.


Above, an exposure with the  Nikon D500 with the 70-200 f/2.8 at f/8.  This too was handheld as a grab shot in between teaching. 1/8 sec leaning on the rail. ISO 3200, tone mapped in my new Aroura HDR software.




So far I am loving this camera.  July 9th in Raleigh NC I am hosting two seminars. They are 1/2 day seminars. One is on the D5 and D500 and the second is on Flash use for the wildlife and nature photographer. Space is limited so we hope you take a look and sign up. There is a special discount if you sign up for both.



                                              LINK  D5/D500                                                 LINK  FLASH SEMINAR


Vinny will be talking on some images he took with Mor-slo Singh-Ray ND filters. Take a look at his blog. Also visit Singh-Ray Filters at www.singh-ray.com and use Vinny10 for a 10 percent discount.

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