Photography by Vinny Colucci | May/June 2016 Newsletter

             Hi from Vinny & Annette. Hope you all are having a great month.

Last month I talked a little on my Nikon D5. Since then I have added a Nikon D500. This is a great camera, especially for $1999. It is a DX camera and has a 1.5X crop factor. This camera is perfect for telephoto work, as my 600mm F/4 becomes a 900mm f/4 with no teleconverter. 





The ISO does not go as high as the D5 but it is higher than anything I ever shot prior my D5. The autofocus system is light years ahead of anything I have had with the exception of the D5. This is a real winner. I need to get more time on this camera and will keep you posted through my new blog. Please consider signing up for my blog as I am going to start using this occasionally to share where I am and what I am shooting. I will also answer questions on my blog. So if you send me an email with tech questions Ill post the response to the blog. 


Here are some D500 photos.  You can see some of my results with the camera.




This was shot handheld with a Nikon 70-200 f/2.8. Look how well the D500 handles the light.  ISO 1600 at f/2.8. We were on top of the St Augustine Lighthouse for sunrise.


        A fun image while the group was being videoed with a drone.


Above, an exposure with the  Nikon D500 with the 70-200 f/2.8 at f/8.  This too was handheld as a grab shot in between teaching. 1/8 sec leaning on the rail. ISO 3200, tone mapped in my new Aroura HDR software.




So far I am loving this camera.  July 9th in Raleigh NC I am hosting two seminars. They are 1/2 day seminars. One is on the D5 and D500 and the second is on Flash use for the wildlife and nature photographer. Space is limited so we hope you take a look and sign up. There is a special discount if you sign up for both.



                                              LINK  D5/D500                                                 LINK  FLASH SEMINAR


Vinny will be talking on some images he took with Mor-slo Singh-Ray ND filters. Take a look at his blog. Also visit Singh-Ray Filters at and use Vinny10 for a 10 percent discount.

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