Milky Way & Bear Workshop / Field Trip July 16 to July 19, 2023 

                                                  Outer Banks NC


We will photograph the Milky Way in several locations along the outer banks.

This is an evening workshop for the most part. It is geared toward being up late and getting together the next day after noon. 





We will go over techniques on shooting great Milky Way images at locations such as Bodie Island Lighthouse and others. We will also find our way to dark skies along the beach for star circle photography.


Sunday we will shoot night sky after our Meet & Greetat 6 PM.  Monday and Tuesday afternoon prior to dinner we will be in Alligator River in search of bears. We may even get lucky and see wolves and owls in this habitat.

Alligator River area has one of the highest populations of bears in North Carolina.




Because this is a workshop/field trip I will be teaching in the field and shooting along side you, (you still come first). There is no classroom instruction except informal Q&A in the hotel lobby. The cost of the workshop/field trip is reflected in this. Post processing handouts will be included to help give you a kick start in processing Milky Way images.



                  Cost of the workshop/field trip:   $500.00 per participant

Send check to :                                   Vinny Colucci

                                                         115 Mamie Lane

                                                    Jamestown, NC 27282

                     Please email me to hold your spot at [email protected].

               If you need to use a card please contact me and I'll send you an invoice.

                                    We will take a max of 8 on this adventure.


We will start shooting Sunday night after our meet & greet. Meet & Greet in the hotel lobby is at 6 PM.


Plan B: If we end up with a cloudy day situation my plan will be is to explore the area for wildlife and scenics. We will look at Pea Island for Wildlife and some fishing pier spots.


Hotel:  Dare Haven Motel

919 US 64and 264

Manteo, NC 27954





Camera body or two

Wide Angle lens: 14-30mm. The faster glass the better. F/4 Min, F/2.8 is better.

Telephoto Lens: 100-400mm, 150-600 mm  for bear photography.

Tripod with ballhead.

Cable release.

Head lamp with Red Light option.

Timer ( Cell phone stop watch is fine.

Back pack to walk gear onto beach. 

Folding beach chair. Star Circles are up to 60 minute exposures. You may want to sit.