Our Minimun is met. We still have some spots left










​Did you ever want to photograph big animals up close. We we will get you so close that the largest lens you will need is a 70-200m f/2.8. Even a 80-400 f/2.8 is about the largest you would go. The photo samples below were taken with either my 70-200 on a D500 body or my 200-500 on a D5 body. I rarely when over 300mm with my 200-500.

I did not even bring my big glass. You can even get great shots with a 28-300 hand held.






We will have eight field photo shoot sessions over 4 days. Vinny Colucci will lead you through all the settings on your camera so you WILL walk away with stunning images. The Triple D trainers will put the subjects in the best natural settings at the best light.








​From Wolf packs to Mountain lion reflections, leopards to Arctic Foxes and more, this

​truly is a wildlife adventure. 




This is one adventure you should not miss. We will shoot in the morning and afternoon. We will have class time during the day. You will get a total of 8 location shoots with Vinny Colucci and the Triple D trainers over four days. If we complete shoots early additional sessions can be purchased from Triple D for $150.00 per session. ( No additional workshop fees to Vinny Colucci ).


Vinny & Annette colucci will be staying at the lodge at Triple D Farm. There are four additional rooms and first come first serve can be reserved from Triple D. Please call

406-755-9653 to reserve.  The 2nd option is to stay at the Holiday Inn Express. ( 3 miles from the Farm). Use promo code IPOY1 for a rate of $115.00. Call the Holiday Inn at:1-406-755-7405



We will take a Maximum of 10 participant. A minimum of 4 participants are require for this event. Please sign up ASAP


The Cost of the event include instruction in the field as well as in the classroom. We will have image review sessions during the event.  Contact Vinny Colucci at 252-349-1121 or [email protected].



           Non-Refundable Deposit $250.00

                                   ( If the event is cancelled for any reason you will recieve a 100% refund )

        Balance due by June 25, 2017   $1000.00


         Full Payment $1250.00  ( No refunds after June 30th, 2017)