January 2015 Newsletter

                     Happy New Year  2015


Welcome to our new newsletter. This will be a evolution and growth process. We want this newsletter to be a source of information. Look over our new website, it, too, should be a source of information for you.


Our new website is up and running. It is not complete and a few tabs are still under construction, but for the most part, it is working. Please look it over and enjoy.





Future technical reviews and photography tips will be posted in the Technical Reviews tab. We will start adding to this section periodically, however a review directly related to a newsletter will be linked.      Technical review sample link    We hope this is a easy way to get to ideas and tips in the future.


We will also be adding to our blog. Instead of albums on my media site , i.e. : Facebook, I will put my travel photos and adventures in our blog and link them to Facebook as well as specific newsletters where it pertains.  Annette, as well as team members, can and may add to the blog section as well.



We will be announcing our Weekend Warrior workshop on Birds in Flight and Rookery Photography within a week. Please check our Calendar of Events by the end of next week. We will be photographing birding at the rookery in the St. Augustine Alligator Farm. You will learn how to photograph birds, both nesting, as well as in flight when we complete the workshop. The event will be a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Event. Cost will be $275.00. You will also need a photo pass from the Alligator Farm which is $80.00 and good for one year. Details to follow.


Come join us for a intense three days of photography.



                        Top two photos  Nikon D3S / 400mm f/2.8 with TC20EIII 2X converter






                                                    Fuji XT1   with  18-135 lens. Shot at ISO 200 @ 18mm


For Christmas, Annette surprised me with a Fuji XT1Pro mirrorless system. I have been wanting to try out a system like this since playing with Bill Fortney's camera and see Tony Sweet's portfolio. This is normally not the type of equipment I shoot as a wildlife photographer, but my initial testing on some landscape stuff is very impressive. I will review this at a later time, once I get some shooting time under my belt.

Well that's it for now. Until next month,     Happy Shooting