Its been awhile since I wrote a newsletter. Yes it is true, Annette and I are starting our photography workshop programs back in 2022. The calendar will start slow but build as we gain momentum. We hope you stick with us and give us a chance to evolve this newsletter and our programs.




From beginner through intermediate and advanced, our goal is to cater to your photography needs. Field workshops will have a lot of one to one instruction and, along with classroom time, the goal is to inspire you to come out of your comfort zone and try new photography techniques. We will raise the bar in your photography for sure. We will be there to teach you, not to get our own images.


I want to thank sponsors and affiliates who have stayed with us while we were away.


Singh-Ray filters:  Ambassidor / Technical Advisor


Wimberley: Tripod gimbal Head: Wimberley Professional Service


Nikon : Nikon Professional Service since 2003


Hunts Photo: Great place to purchase photo equipment


Gura Gear: Camera Backpacks and equipment


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                                   This month lets take a quick look at the Nikon Z5

I have been shooting Nikon Z cameras since the Z7 came out in August 2018. By November 2018 I had my first of several Z6's. Now a Z6II was added when it came out. By January 2019 I sold all my SLR equipment and stayed 100% mirrorless. Because of Facebook posts, and particularly my birds in flight images, I get a lot of questions on the success I have had with the Nikon Z series.

The camera I had not had a chance to shoot was the Nikon Z5. This $1000.00 camera packs a punch and should not be overlooked.




This is one great little camera Nikon put out. It is a baby Z6. No, it doesn't shoot as fast or autofocus as quickly as a Z6, but does hold its own. The menu setup, like all Nikon digital cameras, follows the same format. Without looking at the manual, any digital Nikon SLR user can easily get through the menu for a basic setup.

One of the things that would keep me from buying this for myself over a Z6 or Z6II is the burst rate of approximately 4 f/sec. (as the Z6II is about 12). Buffer is also a little short loading up at about 10 shots before needing to catch up.

Here is a link to the Z5 brochure to see all the specs.   Z5 Brochure


Here are a few images taken with the Z5 with a Nikon 70-200 f/2.8s with a 2X converter. These are all hand held, and as you can see, the Z5s VR works great.




Even Birds in flight, the Z5 with a FTZ adapter and a Nikon 500 f/5.6 PF hand held captured these subjects in flight. I was very pleased with the results.




The high ISO is not quite as good as a Z6 or Z6II but its certainly no slouch.

If you need a backup to your Z6 or Z6II or want to venture into mirrorless, you will not go wrong with the Z5. 


If you decide to invest in one, please feel free to email me at [email protected] with questions. In the near future I will be sharing all my Z setup tips that have worked for me along the way, from capturing birds in flight to wildlife, as well as landscapes.


Alan Samiljan at Hunts Photo has always handled my equipment needs and the needs of my workshop friends. He will, as with all Hunts Photo staff, give you outstanding customer service.

Contact Alan at:   

Hunt's Photo & Video

Melrose, MA 02176

(781) 462-2383

[email protected]

Alans hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, 9:00-5:00pm eastern


If you are interested in having us present at your local photography group meeting or camera club, reach out and we will try to find a date that works for that as well.


Until next month, Keep shooting and Have a Great New Year. 


                                                          IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK!