Join us for our 2023 Springtime in the Smokies Workshop




Date: April 26th to 30th, 2023   Place Townsend, TN.  Cost:$790.00.

                (Includes Friday night cookout) Please advise of special diet needs)


Send Check to : Vinny Colucci                Please advise me if you are signing up and mailing a

                       115 Mamie Lane                   check: or email me at [email protected]

                      Jamestown, NC 27282    If using a card email me and I will send a PayPal invoice


Townsend Gateway Inn

8270 Tennessee 73

Townsend, TN 37822     Call: 865-238-0123 for reservations use Vinny Colucci

vc2023  for special rate. Go to Townsend Gateway Inn












                                                   Event Schedule  

                            ( Event schedule may change due to conditions) 




Wednsday,      Meet in classroom at 6:45PM    Class from 7:00PM  - 9:00 PM    review of event locations.

                                Review  of camera settings. Please bring a camera and lens to class.


Thursday,      Morning, Sunrise at Cades Cove followed by photographing structures in Cades Cove

                         1- 3pm  Classroom, Subject Filters and how to apply them for our locations.

                                                           Afternoon  wildlife in Cades Cove


Friday,                           Sunrise at Clingmens Dome

                             1-3pm Classroom  reviewing Night Photography Q&A

                              Afternoon,Tremont, Photographing water and waterfalls

                              Cookout at Hotel.

                                   Star Photography, weather permitting;  location TBD 


Saturday, 14-16       Morning Hike to valley for Macro and scenic work of hidden field of wildflowers. 

                                1-3 pm Classroom  Bring Software and Camera techniques plus Q&A

                                Afternoon   Cades Cove Afternoon shoot followed by Sunset at Mortons Overlook.


Sunday, 15-16         Sunrise Cades Cove, Hyatt Lane , 

10:45am                  Classroom bring 3 images for critique.


Equipment List:

One or two camera bodies.

Telephoto lens, up to 600mm.  For wildlife

Wide angle and super wide angle lens. 24-70mm; 14-24mm.

Macro lens or extension tubes. Spring Flowers in the smokies are incredable.

Filters; Polarizing filters; ND filters 3 and 4 stops; Grauation filter 3 or 4 stop.

Tripod. both Ball head and optional gimbal head.

Cable release.