Join us for our 2023 Springtime in the Smokies Workshop




Date: April 26th to 30th, 2023   Place Townsend, TN.  Cost:$750.00.

                (Includes Friday night cookout) Please advise of special diet needs)


Send Check to : Vinny Colucci                Please advise me if you are signing up and mailing a

                       115 Mamie Lane                   check: or email me at [email protected]

                      Jamestown, NC 27282    If using a card email me and I will send a PayPal invoice


Townsend Gateway Inn

8270 Tennessee 73

Townsend, TN 37822     Call: 865-238-0123 for reservations use Vinny Colucci

vc2023  for special rate. Go to Townsend Gateway Inn


  IMPORTANT NOTE: Starting 2023 The Great Smoky Mountains National Park requires parking permits do anything in the park. You can get 1 day, 1 week and yearly permits. You will need at least a week long permit for $15.00 for the dates we will be there. Your permit must have the plate number of the car you are in. Please register and print out (make several copies) of your permit prior attending the event for your car.










                                                   Event Schedule  

                            ( Event schedule may change due to conditions) 




Wednsday,      Meet in classroom at 6:45PM    Class from 7:00PM  - 9:00 PM    review of event locations.

                                Review  of camera settings. Please bring a camera and lens to class.


Thursday,      Morning, Sunrise at Cades Cove followed by photographing structures in Cades Cove

                         1- 3pm  Classroom, Subject Filters and how to apply them for our locations.

                                                           Afternoon  wildlife in Cades Cove


Friday,                           Sunrise at Clingmens Dome

                             1-3pm Classroom  reviewing Night Photography Q&A

                              Afternoon,Tremont, Photographing water and waterfalls

                              Cookout at Hotel.

                                   Star Photography, weather permitting;  location TBD 


Saturday, 14-16       Morning Hike to valley for Macro and scenic work of hidden field of wildflowers. 

                                1-3 pm Classroom  Bring Software and Camera techniques plus Q&A

                                Afternoon   Cades Cove Afternoon shoot followed by Sunset at Mortons Overlook.


Sunday, 15-16         Sunrise Cades Cove, Hyatt Lane , 

10:45am                  Classroom bring 3 images for critique.


Equipment List:

One or two camera bodies.

Telephoto lens, up to 600mm.  For wildlife

Wide angle and super wide angle lens. 24-70mm; 14-24mm.

Macro lens or extension tubes. Spring Flowers in the smokies are incredable.

Filters; Polarizing filters; ND filters 3 and 4 stops; Grauation filter 3 or 4 stop.

Tripod. both Ball head and optional gimbal head.

Cable release.