Triple D Wildlife Winter Workshop Feb 8-12, 2019





We are pleased to announce our February 2019 winter wildlife Workshop at the Triple D Ranch in Montana. The Group will meet in the Triple D classroom at 6 PM February 7th for a quick meeting on camera settings. Please bring your camera.





We will photograph large animals in natural snowy habitats. There will be six location shoots giving a wonderful oppertunity to capture these magnicifant animals. No need to own a big lens, most images can be captured with a 70-200 mm, 8-400mm. We also recommend a wider angle lens such as a 24-70mm for those close up jumping shots. You WILL take thousands of stunning images.


Kalaspell Montana is a beautiful area just west of Glacier National park. The locations should have snow that time of year. don't worry, Kalispell  and the surrounding area are great at snow removal. Triple D has done these winter events for many years so trust us,you will get your images.




The event runs from February 8 to the 12th. We allow 4 days to get the six location shoots in. There will be also the oppertunity for the group to purchase additional shoots at the Triple D. The fee is between you and Triple D as we do not add additional workshop fees. I am there with you until the workshop is completed.





The Wolf Lodge on Triple D property is available on a first come first serve basis. Additional lodgeing at the Holiday Inn, ( 3-miles away ) is also available.  Contact the Triple D for special event rates. Call them at 406-755-9653




                                                            Full Payment: $1325.00





              Deposit $250.00  ( non-refundable after Jan 30, 2018 )

                ( You will get a full refund if for any reason the event is cancelled )




                           Balance due by Jan 5 2019  $1075.00





                       Optional Add on workshops events


We have two optional events to be added on to our Triple D Winter Workshops

February 6th   Morning shoot       Birds of Prey  


February 7th   Afternoon shoot    Horse Roundup



Birds of prey will be held at the Triple D ranch Wednesday morning. We need a minimum of 5 people to run this. There is a $100.00 non-refundable deposit. However if we don't meet our minimum, the deposit will be returned in full.

Cost of the event is 250.00 total



Birds that might be at the event are assortment of owls and hawks and falcon.


                               Join us on this great opportunity






February 7th we will do a afternoon location shoot for a horse roundup. This exciting event says Montana all over it. You can't miss this add on as it will raise the level of your portfolio.

We need a minimum of 5 for this event.  a $200.00 non-refundable deposit is required. Cost of the event is $400.00


                                        Horse roundup will include scenes as below

                       Great Locations and great fun









  Birds of Prey: $250.00               



  Birds of Prey Deposit  $100.00                                          



  Birds of Prey Balance: $150.00


   Horse Roundup Deposit: $200.00       




   Horse Roundup Balance: $200.00


Horse Roundup : $400.00



      In the next few months we wil be adding equipment list and

      clothing type recommendations. Check the website for this

       information. Contact Vinny Colucci at vinny@vinnycolucci or 252-349-1121 with questions.