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August was a big month for us as we photographed the eclipse as well as going to Montana for our wildlife workshop at the Triple D. 


The Eclipse was exciting! As we approached the day, we prepared by practice with the sun and our solar filters. Thank you Singh-Ray for inviteing me to present their very first webinar. We had over 500 sign up and 200 present for the live presentation. I beleive a copy of the webinar is still available. Check with Singh Ray Filters. Note: They are about the best filters you can get. Vinny10 gets you 10% off any Sngh-Ray Filter. Go to for further information, or click below.



See these and additional Eclipse photos for view or sale by clicking the photo below.




TRIPODS: Annette and I made a switch. Years ago I use to use Gitzo & Really Right Stuff Tripods. I made the move to less costly tripods because of my workshop people wanting me to be able to recommend a more affordable tripod option. The tripods I reviewed in the past are very good for the price and typically were manufactured in China.  With the amount of use I put on a tripod, I started to wear them out. The designs were great just the materials didn't last. I have recently went back to Gitzo as they had never wore out prior with over 7 years of use. 




I am now using the GT4543LS and GT3543LS. Annette uses the GT3543LS with a Rapid center column. These are the latest systematic tripods of the same type I used years ago. Some of the new features are o-rings to seal G-Locks and quick release plates. The quality is outstanding and I rather pay a little more to protect my thosands of dollars worth of camera gear then to cheap out on my tripod.


I will review these in detail after I put some additional time on them. Meanwhile, I made a deal With Gitzo and Manfrotto to bring a discount to you. 



I have arranged with my good friend Tony, at Southeastern Camera,along with help from Gitzo / Manfrotto,to give a additional 10% off to Vinny Colucci workshop participants. Use the Vinny 10% discount code when you call them.

Goto the Gitzo / Manfrotto website to see what I use and other tripod equipment.

Remember,  you need to call Tony at Southeastern to get the 10% additional discount.

NOTE: I do not get free tripods from Gitzo, I bought ours at Southeastern Camera.


                                       NIKON D7500




With all the buzz about the New Nikon D850, I didn't want you to forget the D7500. This small size camera fits many needs. Its a baby D500 with a lot of punch. Spec's have been all the the website but I thought I'd share with you firsthand what I thought testing this little gem.


I think its great. It shoots at 8 frames per second with images quality like a D500. Its small and light weight. So its a great travel camera.

These are my thoughts. Everyone that jumps too smaller mirrorless cameras and gets rid of their present equipment might need to think again. This camera gives you a compact size and coupled with a light weight travel lens, like the Nikon 18-200 its no heavier then most pro type mirrorless cameras. Note,this is not a negitive report on mirrorless, but a think twice before getting rid of your present gear.

With my shooting style I miss too many shots with mirrorless. The glass that is need and for the shooting speed, I just like a real SLR. Also a lot of my friends that switched to mirrorless found they need to get bigger glass, ( Like the Fuji 100-400 ), to do some of what they use to do with their SLR's. Guess what, Yep heavy again. So in my opinion,  the SLR is still the better choice in most instances. 

So I recommend that if you are a Nikon shooter or anyone else for that matter, and want a light weight system that plays like the big boys, the D7500 is for you. Plus you can put all that great Nikon glass on it.


Hunts Photo handles a lot of my workshop participants' Nikon needs. Gary Farber runs the business with the best customer service. Alan Samiljan handles almost all my workshop folks. He is very knowledgeable in photography and photo equipment. Give Alan a call, you won't be sorry. Ask Alan if there are any Vinny Colucci workshop specials along with you Nikon Needs.








Alan Samiljan

100 Main St.

Melrose, MA 02176

(781) 462-2383 

[email protected]


Speaking of equipment from Hunts. I have been carrying the Mindshift MP-3 bag for quite some time. This bag easly fit in the overhead storage of a small regional jet going to Montans this past month. I never get asked to hand it over to put in the back.


Here are some Hunts Photo / Mindshift specials you can ask Alan about if your in the need of a bag. Als you can see what I carry on different photo adventures.





We just returned from our Triple D Wildlife Workshop in Montana. We had a great group with us. 4-Days of shooting and thosands of images. Here are a few I took in-between teaching. Early morning shooting afternoon classroom keep out days filled.









Join us in February 2019 for our winter workshop. Hopefully we will have plenty of snow to photography these wonderful subjects.

Sign-Up today as we are only taking 10 and we have 3 already signed up..

Click on the photo below for additional information.




SPECIAL NOTE:  I am very proud that Triple D Ranch choose one of Annette's photos for there Facebook page. Go visit their page when you can.




We also just anounced our Florida Wetlands  Workshop. Join us February 2018 for a week of Birds and Gator photography. We will sneek in a few sunrise / sunsets also. Click below for addition information and registration.





 Anyone in the Hurricane Paths. Texas & Florida Be safe and prayers are with you all.


Also prayers for the folks where fires are burning out west.


Vinny & Annette Colucci


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