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September 07, 2016  •  1 Comment

I was in the Charleston SC area and headed to the coast to Botny Bay. I had my new tripod to test. I had been using a Really Right Stuff tripod. This set of legs was built well but very expensive. Difficult to Recommend to my students. The tripod I used was a $1000.00 tripod but held my D5 and 600mm with ease. 


Would this Induro  GIT304 and GIT304L Stealth tripod do the same.  The short answer is YES. I was amazed of the quality and cost of this tripod.  I ve used them now for landscapes as well as long lens wildlife. The larges lens I have put on it was a Nikon 600mm f/4 with a Nikon D5.






I have had both my Really Right Stuff BH-55 head as well as my Wimberley full gamble head. Both worked well with the tripod.


Also Gary from Hunts has a special offer. If you are a Vinny Colucci Workshop / seminar participant, contact Alan and ask for and receive a 15% discount on Induro products. Here is Alan's contact information



Alan Samiljan


100 Main St.

Melrose, MA 02176

(781) 462-2383

My hours are Monday, Tuesday, Friday & Saturday, 8:30-5:30pm eastern

Follow me on Twitter for the latest deals on used equipment! @AlanAtHunts







The difference between the GIT304 and GIT304L is the 304L is a little longer. For travel the 304 fits well in my roller bag for carry on.


There are some nice features to this tripod. The quick release allows you to change out plates quick. The high quality twist leg release work extremely well. The feet come with three options. Normal rubber feet, spiked feet and a new design pivot foot system which finds its own stability on all terrains. 







All tripods come with a built in level bubble,weight hook, and tripod case. Each case has a full set of tools to maintain and keep your tripod tuned up.






Here are a few photos taken while on my first test run to Charleston area.









Being on a good tripod is the only way to stabilize your work.  Whats the cost. Less then $600.00 Thats almost half the cost of my previous set of legs. High quality, good price and good looks. That means great buy for me. Check out the Induro line on there website.  Click the Induro logo above to take a look.






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