Welcome to our Jan/Feb 2017 Photography Newsletter


This month we will review the Mindshift MP-1, MP-3, and MP-7 camera backpacks. These three packs work for those who need to carry lots of equipment on airlines, need to work from the trunk of the car or in confined spaces.


We will also look at some specials from Hunt's Photo. Gary Farber at Hunt's has provided some nice discounts for Vinny Colucci workshop participants.


We will also introduce a few new workshops. We have some exciting photo adventures coming up between now and 2018.


                                  The Mindshift MP-1, MP-3, and MP-7



As photographers we seem to collect many, many backpacks over the years. Most of you know my recent pack has been the Gura Gear 32L. I have loved this pack. Gura Gear no longer exsists, so I was on the lookout for something I could use and trusted to recommend to my workshop participants. It needed to carry a lot of gear and it needed to fit in small overheads compartments on small aircraft.


                           Here they are, the bag replacements I was looking for:




                                               MP-3                                                                    MP-7






I ended up with all three bags. The quality of these bags is outstanding. Originally designed by Moose Peterson in 1995, Mindshift took his basic design and expanded the design and made it with quality that is second to none. The bag construction is tough with very heavy duty YKK zippers. These are some of the toughest zippers going, yet easy to pull and use.


The bags harness system is simple but effective. In fact, I have carried many 35lb camera bags with many pull straps added here and there to make it easy on the back. I have to say, these bags are amazing to carry and feel and fit great. I have carried 35 lbs of gear through airports and hiked mountains for miles with no problem. The harness straps themselves have a quick hide away so when placing your gear in an overhead bid you can tuck them away.








As far as what they carry, they carry a lot. The MP-1 is a big bag. It will hold a 600mm f/4 with a pro camera attached on the long side. Then the two short sides store another body or two,( D5, D810, or D500/grip ), 70-200 f/2.8, 24-70 f/2.9, 105mm macro, fisheye, extension tubes, SP-5000 Flash, and much, much more.

I have one problem with the MP-1. Its length is 23 inches, which is one inch longer them airlines technically allow. That being said, I have never been asked not to board with it. I called and spoke with Moose Peterson himself. He said he has over 60,000 air miles on this new bag and has never been questioned. (Good News!)


This bag has fit in small CJ-200 overheads as well as De Havilland DHC-8 twin prop aircraft overheads.

This goes for the rest of the series. Everything fits.



MP-1 shown above with 600mm f/4 attached. Again, this carries everything like even an 800 f/5.6 and the kitchen sink.


My favorite bag, and the one I carry 80% of the time, the MP-3. This smaller bag meets domestic and international travel requirements, packs well and fits everywhere.




Shown here a MP-3 will hold a 500 f/4, or 200-400 f/4 with a pro camera body attached. It will also hold a 600mm f/4 not attached, plus two pro bodies like the D5.




The 600mm f/4 on left and the 200-500 on a D500 body with extra grip.  On the other side we have two compartments to hold other gear. The two compartment side can hold two pro bodies, 70-200 f/2.8, 24-70 f/2.8, fisheye, teleconverters, extension tubes. You get the idea...a lot. This is why this has been my favorite bag, Its only about 20 inches long and well within requirements.




The third bag in the series is the MP-7. It is a smaller bag. It is the same depth so it fits pro level bodies. When I have to do a quick trip and want to pack light, this bag goes. If I have to take a long hike to a waterfall and don't want to carry everything, this bag goes. I love it and it is my second favorite bag. 





This bag, though small, will carry a 70-200 f/2.8 or a 80-400 f/5.6 attached to a pro body. It will also carry extra lenses and there is two outside pockets to carry a flash and other stuff. (I love stuff.)




All three bags pack clean and have a clean look when closed up. They also come with a water proof cover. Although I have been caught in the rain and without the cover, no moisture got to my camera gear.




To get the full specs  on these bags, visit the Mindshift site by clicking below. To get a great discount go to Hunt's Photo site as they are running a special to my photographer clients. The links are below. You won't regret getting one of these. Might be the last bag you own. Or you can do what I did, get all three. I use them as a set of tools and pick the right one for the particular trip I am taking.

My final conclusion, I LOVE THESE BAGS.




Hunt's Photo special. Please contact Alan at Hunt's to get this offer.

Alan:  781-462-2383   Email: [email protected]






I don't typically want this newsletter to be an ad page, but Gary at Hunt's has given me some great deals for my workshop folks. I just hate to have you not know about them. I buy from several camera stores, Hunt's is one of them and long before Gary became a sponsor, I bought from Hunt's. Why ? fair prices and GREAT CUSTOMER service. I never feel like a number and their people are very knowledgeable. I hope you give them a try.  


We are starting to fill our workshops. Here are links to some you should take a look at


Springtime in the Smokies  May 10-14  and our Montana Wildlife Photography Workshop  August 24-30. Come join us on these wonderful outdoor adventures.

Learning, Fun, and Friends. Thats what our workshops are about.



NEW FOR 2018: Join us at the Galapagos Islands for a photo adventure of a lifetime!!



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Next month I will be talking about extention tubes. I am testing a new one and I'll go over extention tube techniques.


                                    Until then, Please stay safe and happy shooting.