We hope eveyone is having a great summer. Its been hot out there for sure.

Lets get some housekeeping out of the way.  We have two up and coming workshops I want to mention. One is the end of August and the other is October 1, 2016.


Summer in the Smokies has 2 spots left. Take a look and join us on the next adventure.




Go to:    http://www.vinnycolucci.com/summer-in-the-smokies-workshop



Our October workshop is a one day class on Nikon Creative Lighting. We will teach both the IR system, such as SP-910 Flash, as well as the new SP-5000 with D500 and D5 users. We will show how  both these systems operate separately and also how the two technologies blend together for an outstanding flexible system.  






Register at: http://www.vinnycolucci.com/nikon-creative-lighting-workshop



As most of you already know, I have been using Gura Gear bags for a while. The butterfly opening and ability to fit in small aircraft overheads has kept me with these bags. Tamrac bought Gura and changed the bag some. I liked the old style and stayed with it... "UNTIL NOW"


Think Tank / Mindshift is a company we are involved with. Think Tank is very well known for commerical and sport shooters gear. Mindshift are bags geared to the outdoor adventure photographer. 


Years ago a friend of mine, Moose Peterson, designed a series of backpacks which he had manufactured for him and his workshop program. The MP-1, MP-3, and MP-7 bags carried a lot of gear and fit in the overead of the smallest of aircraft. I tried the MP-1 over  3 years ago. I didn't stay with them because of my sponsorship with Gura Gear and having a similar bag.

Mindshift has gotten together with Moose and updated his design to a version two. I have one for testing and I have to say WOW. This is a real improvment, while keeping Moose design function . 


Take a look at the series below. They look great, built extremely well, and hold a ton of gear.




I received my MP-1 yesterday. Here is what I packed into it.


Long side:   D500/Grip/L-bracket attatched to 600mmf/4, Cable release, extra camera batteries, tripod tools, RF remotes,filters. The Short side: D5/L-braket, 24-70 f/2.8, 70-200 f/2.8, 105 macro, 16mm fisheye, extension tubes, SP-5000 or 910 with SU-800, Head lamp, flash light, lens cleaner/cloths and more.


This bag is designed to fit with all this stuff into the overhead of a small regional jet. I'll be testing this bag and will report back to you along the way. It looks like a real winner and I most likely will change over to it and the rest of the series.

These bags will be with me on the following trips: Smokies in August, October Montana, Circle D Ranch, November Arches & Canyonland National Parks and New Mexico for the Crane Fest. I'll know how it holds up on all this air travel and field work by then. I'll be keeping you up to date as we go along. I will also be using and testing the MP-7 & MP-3 as well. The grouping of bags allows me to carry just what I need for specific trip types.

Take a look at the details on the link below:




We are also pleased to be part of the Singh-Ray Filter team. I will be available to answer Singh-Ray Filter questions if you're not sure how to use them. Please call or email me if you have any questions.   [email protected]   or 252-349-1121


Remember the promo code "vinny10" to get 10% off filters.

Visit our Singh-Ray blog on their site, as well as some of our portfolio.

Singh-Ray Filterhttp://www.singh-ray.com/pro_gallery_template/vinny-colucci

We will be testing Induro Tripods starting this month. We are waiting for our shipment.  We also negotiated a special price for Induro Tripods and heads from Hunts Photo. The discount is 15%.  There is also a 15% discount on Think Tank / Mindshift gear from Hunts. Thank you Gary Farber for your support. Contact Hunts for both items at 781-462-2383. Ask for Alan Samiljan, or email him at http://[email protected].  Alan handles our workshop folks and is the go-to guy on promotions for our workshop program.


Note:  September or October newsletter I will give an Induro Tripod intro review.

We will also bring you up to speed on the Nikon D5 & D500 I have been using.


Until next time, Thanks for being with us and "ENJOY THE ADVENTURE".


Vinny & Annette Colucci

Escape to Nature Photography Workshops