We have had a great end of October into November with out events. October, we were at the Triple D Ranch Kalispell Montana. What a great place to photography big cats, gizzily bears, wolves and more.



The beauty is you are close enough in natural settings that the average lens is 70-200mm or 80-400. We shot with both a 70-200 and a 200-500. We found when using the 200-500 we almost never went past 400mm and stayed around the 200-300mm range.





August 2017 we are running a workshop at the Triple D. The cost including our instruction is at a 40% savings over just visiting the ranch by itself. Come join us for this great adventure. This is a special introductory price.





Our Arches workshop when extremely well in November. Everyone had a great time and got some wonderful images. We are considering running another in 2017 if we get enough interest. Shoot me a email at [email protected] if you are interested. If I get five interested right away I run another. Cost would be about $750.00 and would be early November 2017. Please let me know if you have a interest.










                                INDURO STEALTH TRIPOD's


I have used many tripods over the years. This includes some very high end tripods like Really Right Stuff and Gitzo.

These tripods are acclaimed to be the best made. They are and cost $1000.00 or more.

As a workshop leader I am always challenged to be able to have options for my participants. Not everyone is willing to spend $1200.00 on a set of legs. Over the years I have used and recommended mid cost tripod legs that were very good for the money. Costing about 1/2 of the higher end tripods they seemed to do the job. Somtimes they would wear out early but I did get many years of use from them.


Here comes Induro. Induro makes two levels of tripods. Their regualar line and the new Stealth line. I have only tested there Stealth line.




I am currently using the GIT 304, 304L and 404L. All these tripods can carry up to my 600mm F/4 lens. There weight limit is over 40lb and they are rock solid and stable. I prefer the GIT 404L for my 600mm or a 800mm lens but when I have to travel by air, My GIT 304L is the one that goes. It fits in my carry on and is easy to transport. 

These tripods are about half the cost of the high end tripods. Here is the thing. Unlike other mid priced tripods that are good for the price, I was amazed these tripods were built with the quality and engineering of those costing twice the price. I am so impressed with these tripods that they are the only tripods I use. In fact I sold all of my other tripods and now only own Induro Stealth series. There carbin fiber is very strong with there matrix weave. The foot system ia unique in that they feet follow the terrain . They also supply conventional feet as well as spiked feet. A heavy duty hook under the mounting plate is for hanging a weight system or camera bag on windy days. It is much more rugged then others I have seen.



The tripod come with a quick release mounting plate. This is well designed with a safety release and quick release. Better then others I have tried. The 1/4 turn leg release twist are positive and lock solid. The quality of these twist release are second to none. I have been using these tripods for months and have had no problems

You need to check them out. You will not be dissapointed. Here is a great deal. Hunts Photo is a sponsor. They set up a deal with Induro just for Vinny Colucci Workshop participants. You will get 20% off of Induro Tripods. You can call in and ask for Alan at Hunts. His contact information is: 781-462-2383. His email is [email protected]. Tell him Vinny Colucci and get your 20% off. You can also use the links below if you want to order on-line. If you need a tripod and want the best, this is it at a great price.





                 Springtime in the Smokies Christmas Special

May 2017 we are running our Springtime in the Smokies Workshop. With a lot of wildflowers and great landscapes, this event will shape up to be one of our best. The workshop fee is $725.00 which includes a Friday night cookout and campfire at the hotel. From now until January 15, 2017 our Christmas special price is only $650.00. Register while there are spots left. If you are a couples team, ( husband and wife ), their is a even further savings. Contact me for that special promo at [email protected]. The event is already filling.





We hope you and your families have had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Join us next month for a look at how the Crane Festival in New Mexico went as well as a review of the Mindshift MP-1, MP-3, and MP-7 photography backpacks. These packs are excellent for carrying large amounts of camera gear as carry-on laugage for aircraft.


                              UNTIL NEXT MONTH: HAPPY SHOOTING



   Vinny & Annette Colucci