Happy Thanksgiving 

          We hope and pray for all your families to have a blessed Thanksgiving. 

May your Thanksgiving table be plentiful and your families share in the thanks and the love of this holiday.


It has  been a great 2nd half of the year. From our solar eclipse in Cherekee NC to our Smoky Mountain Summit, and on to The Bosque del Apache Crane Festaval in New Mexico, the workshop scene has been super active. 



I hope many of you got to enjoy our eclipse view here in the United States. Either a full eclipse viewing or partical it was a spectacular event and Annette and I are glad to have been part of it photographing.





Our Nikon setup did well. D500 with 200-500. Tripods were Gitzi Systematics with wimberley Gimble Heads. Our Filters were either Astro Zap or Singh-Ray and the results were perfect.

Contact Singh-Ray Filters for all your photographic filter needs. They are simply the best. Remember use vinny10 for 10% off any size Singh-Ray order.



We had several great groups during the Smoky mountain Summit. Thank you April Love of F/32 Camera store in Knoxville TN. and Bill Fortney for inviteing me to present and teach. It was great spending time with everyone including Charles Glatzer, Premier Wildlife photographer, and Tony Sweet premier shoot everything photographer. It was great catching up.






                The Smokies were wonderful and the participants even better.



Annette and I spent a few days in Chattanooga, TN after our presentation to the Chattanooga Photographic Society. These folks are quality photographers. Loved being there again.

I starting shooting My Nikon D850 on this trip. This was Annette's and my 6th Anniversary and although not a photo expedition got some neat stuff with the D850.




Rock city Waterfalls was a real treat. This shot with the Nikon D850 and 24-70 f/2.8 at f/16.  Ruby Falls down deep in the caveran, was shot at ISO 15,000 and taken as three verticals stitched together in Photoshop. This is one great camera. I be doing a full review in a near future newsletter.  I bought this camera from my dar friends at Hunts Photo. Thank you Alan Samiljan and Gary Farber for all they do for my workshop participants and sponsoring me at different events.

Contact Alan at:  Hunts Photo  781-462-2383. Alan takes care of all my workshop people. don't forget to ask if they are running any Vinny Colucci Workshop specials. Mindshif, Think Tank, Gitzo, Wimberley, Kirk are some of the manufactures that they run specials for you.


Gary Farber and Hunts Photo sponsored me for the Crane Festival in New Mexico. I taught several seminars and outdoor workshops. This is one great event and you should put it on your calendar for 2018. This was my second year and it was even more exciteing then last year. 



Between  the snow geese and the Cranes we all kept busy, shooting, shooting, and more shooting. One Seminar that went over well was my setup the New Nikon camera's seminar. We discussed the D5,D500,D850 and the D7500. These are the best of the best. Image quality and shooting speeds you can't believe. There is a Black Friday Nikon Special Check out your local camera store or got to Hunts Photo and see what Black Friday Brings in specials.


While There I also got to got to the Very Large Array Radio Telescopes. Photography there is always fun.vEspecially if to can capture the Milky Way.






The Nikon D850 performed like no other camera. The dynamic range on this camera is outstanding. It also shoots at 7 frames per second in full frame mode and up to 9 frames in cropped DX mode.


We have a few workshops coming up tke a look at our flyers below and check them out at our web site. We also will be adding our Waterfalls Workshop in the spring and Smoky mountain Workshop in the fall. They should be on the site by next week.







Annette and I are going January 2018 to shoot in the snow and scout before our event 

above in 2019. We hope you join us.We are over half full already.



Nikon Black Friday Sale at Hunts Photo. Take a look below. Contact Alan you your best deals ever.




If your not a Nikon shooter ask alan for other Black Friday deals. If your a Vinny Colucci Workshop participant or follower, Hunts may have some specials just for you. Give them a try. I shop at Hunts because of there unbelievable customer service and knowlage. If you want a palce to get your camera gear and want to talk with knowledgeable photography expects, Hunts is where to go.




Think Tank and mindshif our two of our affiliates. They are running Black Friday specials at up to 50% off. Here are two links on there gear to buy direct.




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Next month 'll be talking about two products. The Mindshift PhotoCross 13 sling bagand the Backlight 32L backpack.

                                 Until then  HAPPY THANKSGIVING.