February 2016 Newsletter 



This month I am going to talk about two lenses. The Nikon 200-500 and the Fuji 100-400.  I'm not going to go through a bunch of High Tech stuff. There are plenty of reviews out there to do that. We science ourselves to death, to the point where we don't buy a new lens because this one, by the laws of physics, measured a little better than the next. My review is not even comparing one to other. It is how I decide on a lens. I try it, I like it, I buy it.  How sharp is too sharp, or not sharp enough. Well I have found in the past that a lot has to do with our techniques, our camera bodies, and our emotions.


I have shot a lot of Nikon glass in the past. Most good, some bad, some great. This is a look at how I like the New 200-500. It is a less expensive lens than most Nikon lenses in its class. $1400.00 is a steal in todays world.





The Glass seams to be sharp and the autofocus smooth throughout. I have taken great, not good, but great, images with this handheld, and on a tripod. No softness around the eye of subjects. Auto focuses fast for grabbing birds in flight, and color contrast is right on. Its also small enough to hand hold. ( Although the 80-400 VR is better in size for hand holding.)




All these were shot with a Nikon D3S. I was able to use the lens both hand held and on a Wimberley head quite niceley. There is a difference with the lens compared to some upper expensive Nikon lens. The tripod collar is not as smooth as, lets say, a 300 f/2.8 or a 600 f/4.


The lens f-stop speed is a little slow, f/5.6. Unlike some of this lenses competitors in the same price range, this lens is f/5.6 throughtout its f-stop range. Yep, from 200-500 it a 5.6 lens and that, folks, is really good.





With better ISO capabilities we have plenty of shutter speed to capture and freeze action. We also have enough Telephoto compression to give soft backgrounds when shooting wide open.


Some of my followers have asked, "why buy a $8000 lens when you get this type of results?"  Well this lens is another tool. It's built rugged, but not as rugged as some of those top of the line lenses. It won't drive nails, but it will take a beating. In fact, it looks more robust than some of the lenses of the same price range and caliber of other manufacturers. Not all, but some. You need to compare for yourself.


Hey, Nikon and Canon have recently come out with some more affordable lenses to compete with the 3rd party lens companies. They both have done a great job. I tell people all the time if you can, shoot the lens that matches your camera. The manufacturer knows their optical formula the best. In other words, if you shoot Canon, use Canon lenses, if you shoot Nikon then shoot Nikon Lenses. Not always affordable, but maybe now it is.




By the way, my wife Annette, got me this lens from Hunt's Photo for Christmas. (Great Wife.)They always take good care of us and our workshop people at Hunt's. Check out this lens at Hunt's and ask for Alan. Tell him Vinny sent you. The folks at Hunt's are very knowledgeable and helpful.

                                 Here is a link to look at the lens at Hunt's:





I got to take a quick look and try on the Fuji 100-400 for my X-T1.  This is one nice lens.




The lens is smooth throughout its zoom range. Its autofocus is also very predictable and smooth. It is also built very well and is pro level quality. Fuji has done a great job with the X-T1 and the new X-T2 series. I use mine as a quick light weight travel setup and a vacation camera setup.

I recently tried my friend Bill Fortney's lens.

Here are a few photos from the parking lot where we met. Nothing special in subject material, but all photos were hand held and sharp as a tack.










If you want to see additional results on this lens and the new X-T2 check out Bill Fortneys website at   www.billyfortney.com


You can also get this lens from Hunt's photo. Click the link below. 






Note: Gary Farber at Hunt's Photo has been a big help in sponsoring workshops and speaking engagements  We buy and support Hunt's as we do some other camera stores. We will highlight Hunt's and other stores that support and help you all out. When you call Hunt's please ask for Alan, as he takes care of our workshop people. And please use our name; Tell him Vinny sent you.

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